10 de fev de 2017


it's been a while now, the blog is no longer my place to upload and share my work, so i invite you all to follow me in my Behance profile. There's new stuff there.


30 de ago de 2016

The Hover

created to Agorapode fb page. theme was Motorcycle + offroad + Han sono resulting in the image bellow.

14 de jul de 2016

Hot Rodding...

References research

Draw from reference - learning
Several ideations - different proportions, themes, styles. really fun!

 And voilà!

and a Bonus!
WHAT IF....   there was SUVs in the 60s?

30 de jun de 2016


Two Assignments from my class at CDA, military support vehicles.

01 - asphalt buggy vehicle. for fast response. (unsc for fun)

02 - Support big rig, armed and capable to take cargo, and a squad, into the designated area.

15 de jun de 2016

CDA week 01 - military

Well, started classes at Concept Design Academy, week 01 assignment. Military vehicles.
  First time really spending time on it.... and admit that it was fun!